Kim Brusselmans is a multifaceted artist, adept in various mediums such as indoor and outdoor installations, stencils, photography and video.

Over the span of more than two decades, he has embarked on a profound journey to symbolize, expand, analyze, and represent human emotions.

What initially began as an exploration of love has delved far deeper into the intricate realm of our innermost emotions, progressing from expressions of affection to the exploration of profound traumas. The journey toward self-understanding is a path that commences even before birth, navigating through the complexities of familial histories and personal traumas, a transformative odyssey that leads one to the realization of becoming truly oneself in oneself.

In the end, all that unfolds in this life can be distilled into one sentence: "You only want a piece of love." When this essence is absent, one steps into the realm of consequences and reactions, shaping the world we live in through the intricate interplay of these consequential forces.

In the realm of emotions, my initial expression of "I love you" took a turn into an unexpected journey, concluding with a simple yet profound question: "Do I truly love myself?" Life, it seems, has a way of playfully challenging us with its own sense of humor.

Kim Brusselmans